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Strategic Planning Is Essential For Playing Pixel Gun 3D Game


Missing a train and waiting for next one in the tube station I wondered what to do. Suddenly remembering my friend’s suggestion to play Pixel Gun 3D, occurred into mind. I immediately downloaded it and started playing. I found that though the game is all about killing my opponents and surviving, but as I proceeded with it, I found that it has something uniquely gripping it. There are weapons and various other resources available which helped me to proceed with the game. I found that there are a few things, which when followed makes the game all the more interesting.

Use Of Weapons

I felt that from the available resources it is better to use wisely and sparingly instead of using all of it. For example, when I started I found weapons like pixel gun, simple shotgun and combat knife. As I proceeded I found pixel gun is more effective and beneficial as it takes less time to reload and has perfect accuracy. It is also good in mobility and attacking speed. Though I needed some skill to use it but pixel gun caused around 2.5 times more damage. I always tried to aim at the opponents head and abstained myself from firing when my enemies where moving up and down. I found chances of missing are more in it.

Proper Maneuvering Required

As I reached to higher level, I found I must have good timing in reacting as well as mu parkour skills. I found all the information about the weapons which I could use for high fire power as well as quick mobility. I also took help from the members of the available staff. I practiced maneuveringwith various hazards in the map like high concentration mobs, player spawn points and traps. I found parkour city maps are excellent for training me. All these practices helped me to evade heavy weapons, peacemaker as for example.

Fast And Easy

I found that with my strategy it was very easy and way fast to earn my resources which helped me to stay alive. I always got the most powerful weapons like automatic Peacemaker M2 or laser Cannon. I also raised the difficulty to hard and played farm in campaign. It always helped me to earn resources easily and keep the game fast paced. Having the best weapons, I opted to play the cooperative mode which helped me in two ways. I could play Team Battle or Time Survival Mode and both gave me best scores and helped me in earning enough resources.

The Expert Tip

What I did while paying Team Survival Mode is I reduces the number of player to just two and left myself alone. Trying to survive in this way helped me in earning more resources, which is essential to take me to higher levels. When I had gathered a considerable volume of resources by playing some matches in this way, I simply left the mode and proceeded further. I did not have to worry about it anymore as I was sure some other player would take it over from there. All these strategies kept me so engrossed that I missed three more trains.